4x4 Off-Roading in Nottinghamshire | Part One

Land Rover Car Off-Roading in Nottinghamshire

Here at Explorer Essentials we are all about Exploring so this week we decided to test out two of the 4x4 routes in Nottingham. We are hoping to make this a regular thing, finding awesome locations where you can take your vehicle for a little bit of off roading. Not only in Nottingham, where we are located, but also around the UK. If you have any suggestions please drop us a comment below or get in touch.

Let's get started!

Route 1 Greaves Lane to Rob Lane, Farnsfield

This was a fun track, though a little overgrown, it offered ruts and a slight incline depending on which way you take the route. Its a picturesque route with narrow lanes between woods. There is nothing to technical here so great if you are beginner wanting to test yourself or vehicle. As mentioned, depending on the time of year, this route is over grown so if you are worried about paint scratches you might want to avoid this one.

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Starting Point

End Point

Offroad track between Greaves Lane and Rob Lane in Farnsfield, Nottingham

Route 2 Cotmoor Lane, Southwell

Another simple, but fun track with various ruts to navigate. The lane can be muddy which is great if you don't mind making a mess. Again this track is a little overgrown at times so you will need to watch your vehicle for scratches. There is also a tree (see image below) that may disrupt your journey if you have a high vehicle, we had to get out and lift it to continue our journey. Funnily enough, Google Streetview took this route and didn't pass this tree! The route itself is fairly simple, beginner friendly with nothing to challenging.

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Starting Point

End Point

Cotmoor Lane Offroad Track in Southwell, Nottingham

Though both routes were nothing too challenging they are still great to explore. They are short routes so if you are driving close by you could give them a quick go. We personally recommend Route 1, going in either direction can give you a different experience.

We get all of our routes from TrailWise2 - This is an exclusive site for members of the Green Lane Association. It is certainly worth checking out if you want to find routes near you.

Hopefully we will keep you updated with some new routes shortly. If you have any suggestions on tracks you enjoyed, or would like us to visit, please leave a comment or get it touch!

Please leave a comment below if you decide to take on one of these routes, and let us know what you think. Also, if you have any suggestion on where we should go next, you can leave that below too!

Happy exploring!

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