Braai vs BBQ - What is the difference???

There is a lot of debate on this one... If you are trying to find out what the real difference is between braai and BBQ, you will probably stumble upon some saying that the only difference is in braai you use wood where in BBQ you use charcoal... 

Whatever the real difference is, in our opinion, the biggest and only true difference between a braai and a BBQ is not whether you use wood or charcoal (although the owner of Explorer Essentials will ALWAYS prefer wood over charcoal), the difference for us is the atmosphere. In our terms, a braai is where socialize around the fire or warm charcoal for a few hours while having a few cold ones with your mates. A Braai involves a lot of laughter, jokes and catching up with friends you saw yesterday or maybe even a few years ago. It isn't about getting the cooking over and done with so you can eat, it is about the socializing and being transported to your own world while staring at the flames. A braai also involves a lot of side dishes and creating a feast with your perfectly cooked meat, where a BBQ is normally minimal food and you eat as soon as it comes of the BBQ. This is what we would call truly switching off from your busy day-to-day and recharging your batteries for another busy week to come. 

Whether you prefer to get the cooking over with on a BBQ, or you love socializing around the fire with your mates at your Braai, we share your passion either way and that is why we fully believe in exploring your way! 

Sunshine is coming friends, at least according to the weather reports for this month, we hope to see you around a braai soon or enjoy your BBQ cooking with you! 

Explore your way! 

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