Fish Species Spotlight Series Pt2: All About the Common Roach

Guide for everything you need to know about the common roach fish in the UK

Greetings, fellow anglers! Join us as we explore the diverse aquatic inhabitants of the United Kingdom. In this spotlight, we'll turn our attention to the Roach (Rutilus rutilus), a fascinating fish found in British waters.

1. Roach's Habitat:

Rivers and Streams: Roach thrive in flowing waters, favoring rivers and streams with moderate currents. Look for areas with submerged structures like rocks and fallen trees.

Stillwaters: They also inhabit stillwaters such as lakes and ponds, particularly those with clear water and ample vegetation. Explore Fisheries' recommendations for Roach hotspots in the UK.

2. Roach's Behaviour:

Feeding Habits: Roach are primarily herbivores, feeding on aquatic plants, insects, and small crustaceans. Understanding their feeding habits is key to successful angling.

Activity Patterns: Roach are most active during dawn and dusk. Knowing their activity patterns helps you plan your fishing trips for optimal success.

Common roach fish illustration - swimming in a lake

3. Fishing Techniques for Catching Roach:

Float Fishing: Use a float rig to present bait at various depths. Roach are known for their sensitivity to resistance, so a delicate presentation is crucial.

Feeder Fishing: Employ a feeder to disperse bait and attract Roach. This technique is effective in rivers and stillwaters alike.

Light Tackle: Opt for light tackle to enhance sensitivity and feel even the subtlest bites. Roach can be cautious, so finesse is key to success.

4. Roach Conservation Efforts:

To contribute to Roach conservation, anglers can follow these guidelines:

Barbless Hooks: Use barbless hooks to minimize injury and facilitate easy hook removal, reducing stress on the fish.

Minimal Handling: Minimize handling time and wet hands before touching the fish. Support the Roach properly to avoid unnecessary stress.

Proper Release: Release Roach quickly and gently, ensuring they have fully recovered before swimming away.

Respect Fishing Regulations: Adhere to fishing regulations to protect Roach populations. Familiarize yourself with size limits and catch limits to fish responsibly.

Common Roach Fish Found in the UK

As we conclude our exploration of the Roach, share your thoughts and suggest other British fish species for future spotlights. Let's continue our journey through the UK's freshwater ecosystems!

Happy Fishing!

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