What are the Different Types of Fishing Hooks?

Hooks are like a must-have tool for any angler. They're super important for keeping bait in place and attracting fish. Picking the right hook can be the difference between catching a lot of fish or having a not-so-great day by the water.

Even though hooks are a big deal, new fishermen might not know that there are different types of hooks for different situations. At Explorer Essentials, we totally get how important it is to choose the right hook, especially for the kind of fishing you want to do and the fish you want to catch.

We're here to help you figure out the best hook for you. This way, you'll have more chances of catching fish, reaching your fishing goals, and most importantly, making sure the fish stay safe.

What is the best hook for Fishing?

Fishing hooks come in all sorts of styles with different features like wide gaps or barbs that help keep your bait secure. At Explorer Essentials, we've got a range of hook options to match whatever way you like to fish.

Circle Fishing Hooks from Explorer Essentials

Circle Fishing Hook

These hooks are circular in shape and well-liked because they grip really well. They're great for catch-and-release, method work and using live bait. You can even use them for pike fishing. They're made to hook onto the corner of the fish's mouth. Just keep the pressure steady and reel in with confidence when you're using a circle hook.


Wide Gaoe Fishing Hooks from Explorer Essentials

Wide Gape Fishing Hook

Fishermen often pick wide-gape hooks for carp and other big fish because they're strong and hook really well. These hooks work best for larger fish. They've got a wider space between the shank and point, which lets you put more pressure on and gives you a solid hook-hold.



Aberdeen Fishing Hook

Aberdeen Fishing Hook

Often utilized for sea fishing, these hooks have thin, light wire and a slim profile, making it simple to hook bait without causing much harm. They're not only great for saltwater; they also work wonders in freshwater settings, helping keep live bait full of life. And if you get stuck on something, a little pressure is all you need to bend and release them.


Long Shank Fishing Hooks

Long Shank Fishing Hook

A top-notch choice for carp fishing, long-shank hooks are a go-to when using bottom baits. They're especially handy with smaller hooks since they give you more to hold onto when taking them out. Lately, carp anglers have been using long-shank hooks in specialized setups to amp up the hook's grip, especially when the shank is bent inward.


Curve Shank Fishing Hook

Curve Shank Fishing Hook

At first, curved shank hooks were mostly seen in fly fishing, while carp fishing hooks had a straight shank style. But now, carp anglers have found out that curved shank hooks are pretty great too. They make it tougher for fish to shake off the bait after they've bitten.



Image 2

Stiff Rigger Hook

Stiff Rigger hooks are a hit among carp anglers because they team up nicely with fluorocarbon or monofilament hooklinks. These hooks are just right for chod rigs because they keep your materials strong when you tie them to a hook with an in-turned eye using a knotless knot.



Chod Fishing Hooks

Chod Hook

Chod hooks have an eye that turns outward, making them perfect for showing off pop-up baits in a way that catches fish really well. These hooks are often used in setups that use floating bait, like Chod and Zig rigs, and they're great at getting a solid grip on the fish you catch.



Treble Fishing Hook

Treble Hook

With three points on one shaft, this type of hook increases your chances of hooking a fish. Treble hooks are great for lures since they cover more area, especially awesome for crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater baits because they give you a really strong hold on the fish. Just remember, double or treble hooks might be a bit different in size compared to single hooks.


Hopefully this information helps you get a clearer picture of the various hook options out there. It should make it easier for you to pick the hook that matches your fishing style and what you're looking for.

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