What are the different types of Fishing Swivels?

Choosing the right swivel for your fishing needs can sometimes be a little daunting, we have compiled an easy to read list of the swivel options you have to choose from. Please see the image below for a visual representation of the swivels. Let's dive right in to get a better understanding of all things swivels!

What is a swivel?

Swivels enable your line to rotate smoothly, minimizing tangles and preventing your bait from becoming entangled.

What are the different types of swivels?

Now we know what swivels are, lets take a look at the 5 most common fishing swivels, which are:

  • Barrel Swivel
  • Ball-Bearing Swivel
  • Snap Swivel
  • Three-way Swivel
  • Finesse Swivel

Collectively, these five swivel variations encompass over 90% of fishing scenarios where swivels are utilized, providing ample options to initiate your fishing journey. Let's delve into the specifics of each type below.

5 different types of fishing swivels including barrel, ball-bearing, snap, three-way and finesse swivels.

Barrel Swivel

The barrel swivel stands as the 'original' fishing swivel, featuring a pivotal connection with two rings at its ends. The central joint typically takes a round shape, resembling a small barrel on occasion.

While barrel swivels are budget-friendly and user-friendly, their effectiveness in preventing line twist is limited. This is due to their rings lacking the smooth rotation found in ball-bearing swivels.

Ball-Bearing Swivel

A ball-bearing swivel represents an enhanced iteration of the barrel swivel, incorporating an internal ball bearing within the pivotal joint. This innovation grants the swivel's rings a remarkably free rotation, surpassing the capabilities of a conventional barrel swivel and resulting in superior line twist prevention.

However, it's worth noting that the elevated performance of ball-bearing swivels comes with a trade-off in cost, as they tend to be notably more expensive than standard barrel swivels. Consequently, a strategic approach is to reserve their use for situations where lures generate significant line twist.

Snap Swivel

A snap swivel represents an upgraded rendition of the barrel swivel, distinguishing itself through the inclusion of a snap affixed to one end instead of the customary ring. A common approach involves fastening the main fishing line to the swivel's ring, utilizing the snap to attach to a lure's ring.

One notable advantage of employing a snap swivel lies in the seamless interchangeability of lures. This feature allows for swift and effortless lure changes at any moment, presenting a much more convenient alternative to the time-consuming process of retying the line with each lure switch.

Three-way Swivel

A three-way swivel, as the name implies, features a pivotal joint adorned with three rings instead of the typical two. This innovative design offers a unique advantage: the capacity to incorporate an additional leader line connected to one of the rings, complete with a weight affixed to its end.

The leader line, responsible for anchoring the weight, is intentionally weaker than the main line. This strategic choice ensures that if the weight becomes entangled on the seabed, it can be effortlessly broken off, sparing the rest of your tackle from loss.

Finesse Swivel

The finesse swivel – a modern innovation tailored for drop shot rig fishing. This swivel features a hook directly affixed to its axis, enabling fluid rotation.

One extremity mirrors a typical swivel ring (for main line attachment), while the other resembles the clip-on ring of a drop shot weight.

A key highlight of the finesse swivel lies in its ability to securely fasten a drop shot weight using a leader line that clips into the swivel rather than being directly tied.

Should your weight become snagged, this ingenious design allows you to remove the weight's line from the swivel, ensuring you only lose the weight while preserving the rest of your rig.

In conlusion...

Armed with this comprehensive breakdown of the various swivel options at your disposal, you're now equipped to make an informed decision based on your specific fishing requirements.

Whether you're seeking a cost-effective solution like the traditional barrel swivel, aiming for unparalleled line twist prevention with the ball-bearing swivel, enjoying the convenience of quick lure changes with the snap swivel, exploring the versatility of the three-way swivel for specialized scenarios, or embracing the finesse swivel's innovation for drop shot rig fishing, each swivel type offers its unique advantages.

By understanding the intricacies of these swivel variations, you'll be able to optimize your fishing experience and set off on your angling adventures with confidence. So, go ahead and select the swivel that best suits your needs, and may your fishing escapades be tangle-free and filled with memorable catches.

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