Winter Braai: How to Enjoy Outdoor Cooking in Cold Weather

Winter Braai and Barbecue Tips

Winter doesn't mean saying goodbye to outdoor braai. In fact, it offers a unique and cozy experience. Here's how to enjoy braai in the colder months:

  1. Dress Appropriately: Keep warm with layers, hats, and gloves. Comfort is key when cooking outdoors in winter.
  2. Choose the Right Location: Opt for a sheltered spot to protect from wind and snow. If possible, use a patio with a covering or near an outdoor heater.
  3. Prep Your Braai Area: Clear any snow around your braai and make sure it's stable on a non-slippery surface.
  4. Fuel Adjustments: For cold weather charcoal and wood burning braais are perfect as you do not have to worry about your propane freezing. With this in mind it is always worth keeping extra charcoal or wood aside to help maintain the temperature in colder months.
  5. Winter-Friendly Recipes: Think hearty meats, stews in potjies, and warm, spicy marinades. Foods that cook quickly, like steaks or sausages, are also great for braving the cold. Why not check out our fantastic potjie recipes or consider getting a casserole set to create warm hearty meals. Winter Outdoor Cooking with Potjie
  6. Lighting is Key: With shorter days, ensure your braai area is well-lit. Use outdoor lights or headlamps for better visibility.
  7. Keep Warm with Beverages: Serve hot drinks like cocoa, coffee, or mulled wine to keep everyone warm and toasty. A few beers may also do the trick!
  8. Enjoy the Ambiance: Add to the winter charm with blankets, outdoor fire pits and log burners, and warm seating areas. It's all about creating a cozy atmosphere.

Winter braai can be a delightful experience. With a little preparation and the right mindset, you can turn cold weather into an opportunity for memorable outdoor gatherings. So bundle up, fire up the braai, and enjoy the unique pleasure of winter grilling!

Winter Braai Frequently Asked Questions

Can you BBQ in winter in the UK?

Yes, you can BBQ in winter in the UK. While it's less common due to the cold and potentially inclement weather, with proper precautions and preparations, it's entirely feasible.

Why don't people BBQ during the winter?

People often avoid BBQing during the winter due to the cold weather, which can make outdoor cooking uncomfortable. Additionally, shorter daylight hours and unpredictable weather conditions like rain or snow can be deterrents.

Can you use a charcoal grill in cold weather?

Yes, you can use a charcoal grill in cold weather. However, it may require more charcoal and time to reach the desired cooking temperature due to the colder ambient temperature.

Is it harder to grill in the cold?

Yes, it is harder to grill in the cold. The grill takes longer to heat up, and maintaining a consistent temperature can be challenging due to the lower outside temperature and possible winds.

How do I protect my grill in the winter?

To protect your grill in the winter, cover it with a waterproof and wind-resistant grill cover. Also, store it in a sheltered area to protect it from harsh weather conditions like snow and heavy rain.

How do you winterize a charcoal grill?

To winterize a charcoal grill, clean it thoroughly, coat the metal parts with cooking oil to prevent rust, and cover it securely. If possible, store the grill indoors or in a sheltered area to protect it from the elements.

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