5 Compact & Portable Barbecues for Outdoor / Camp Cooking

5 Compact & Portable Barbecues for Outdoor / Camp Cooking

In a world where convenience often trumps sustainability, we're steering the narrative towards eco-friendly and space-saving alternatives to disposable barbecues. Our handpicked selection of compact and portable grills offers the perfect blend of convenience, durability, and environmental responsibility.

These barbecues are not only designed to fit snugly in your travel gear, saving precious space, but also to withstand the ruggedness of outdoor use. Whether you're nestled in the woods, perched by a lake, or simply enjoying the backyard, these barbecues promise to deliver delicious meals without the footprint of disposables. Join us as we delve into why these specially chosen grills are your ideal companions for any outdoor escapade, where size matters, and sustainability is key.

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1. Stainless Steel Backpacker Camping Stove

Backpacker Flatpack Camping Stove

Firstly, we have the Stainless Steel Flatpack Camping Stove. This is a compact, durable, and versatile cooking solution ideal for outdoor use. Its unique flatpack design allows for easy transportation, fitting snugly in a backpacks, and assembles quickly for a stable cooking platform. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it's designed to withstand various outdoor conditions, making it perfect for camping, fishing, and more. This stove offers a convenient and reliable way to enjoy delicious meals in the great outdoors.


2. Bachelor Braai Compact Barbecue Grill

Compact Bachelor Braai Barbecue Grill

The Compact Bachelor Braai/BBQ Grill, crafted in South Africa, combines durability and convenience in a portable design. With a 350 x 230 mm electroplated non-stick grid, it ensures easy cooking and cleaning, ideal for picnics, camping, and outdoor gatherings. Its mild steel construction guarantees longevity, while its compact size allows for effortless assembly, storage, and transport. This grill stands out as a superior alternative to disposable options, enhancing any outdoor culinary experience.


3. Camper Barbecue Grill with Folding Legs

Foldaway Camping Barbecue with Legs and sides

The Camper Braai Barbecue Grill features a foldaway design in 430-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of transport for outdoor enthusiasts. Its 43cm chrome-plated grill rack provides ample space and easy cleaning, while the windbreaker offers protection for uninterrupted cooking. Compact yet spacious when assembled, it's ideal for camping, fishing, and garden barbecues, catering to up to 6 people. This grill combines practicality with performance for a superior outdoor cooking experience.


4. Compact Traveller Barbecue Grill

traveller barbecue braai grill for Camping

The Compact Traveler Braai/Barbecue Grill, made from durable mild steel, is the perfect portable grilling solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Its compact and easy-to-assemble design makes it ideal for camping, festivals, and small gatherings. The 58 x 30cm electroplated grid is both budget-friendly and eco-friendly, offering a sustainable alternative to disposable barbecues. Designed exclusively for outdoor use, this grill enhances any adventure with efficient and environmentally responsible cooking.


5. Adjustable Height Veld Braai Barbecue

veld adjustable height barbecue with coal tray

The Veld Braai Grill stands out with its unique style and unparalleled functionality, making it the perfect cooking solution when outdoors. Its adjustable grid height sets it apart, allowing for precise control over the cooking process, ensuring perfectly grilled food every time. The grill's quick setup, combined with an easy-to-clean ash tray, offers convenience and efficiency, letting you focus more on the adventure and less on the cleaning up. Designed to be set up anywhere, from rugged 4x4 trips to serene camping spots, the Veld Braai Grill's compact and portable nature, along with its robust zinc-plated construction, ensures durability and ease of transport, making it a standout choice.


As we conclude our exploration of compact and portable barbecue options, it's clear that each product offers a unique set of features tailored to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. From the convenience and durability of the Stainless Steel Flatpack Camping Stove to the adjustable precision of the Veld Braai Grill, these products are more than just for cooking, they help create lasting memories. Whether you find solace in the solitude of a camping trip, the camaraderie of a festival, or the adventure of a 4x4 expedition, having the right grill by your side can transform your outdoor meals into gourmet experiences. Embrace the freedom to explore, cook, and dine in the beauty of nature with these innovative and portable barbecue solutions.

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