Wild Camping Nottingham

Set up camp in the heart of our ancient woodlands and enjoy camping in its purest form—no facilities, just you, the rustling leaves, and a starry sky overhead. Whether you're staying for a night or an entire weekend, our wild camping spots offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

As you settle into the quiet wilderness, you'll attune yourself to the natural world around you. Listen to the chorus of birds at dawn and dusk, and watch for the local wildlife that may wander nearby. This is your opportunity to reconnect with nature, reflect, and recharge in peace.

Where are we located?

Our campsite is conveniently located in Nottinghamshire, just 30 minutes from Nottingham City Centre and 20 minutes from Mansfield. A detailed map is provided to guide you to our secluded woodland retreat.

Facilities on site

True to the spirit of wild camping, we offer no on-site facilities. This is your chance to fully embrace the natural environment, equipped with your own gear and essentials. Experience the raw beauty of nature without modern distractions.

Parking on site

There is free public parking at the entrance to our site, from where it's a scenic 10-minute walk to your camping spot. For those with a 4x4 vehicle, you have the option to drive directly to the designated camping spot within the woodland, using the tracks provided, making your stay even more convenient.

Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire Woodland

Attractions nearby

Just next door we have the Dukes Wood Nature Reserve And Oil Museum that is a very pleasent walk. A 10 minute drive away you have the Robin Hood’s Wheelgate Park and White Post Farm as well as local pubs, perfect for those who wish to blend camping with other attractions.

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Book a Stay or Activity With Us

If you are interested in staying the night or having a weekend with us please use the form below or call 07902659400. We are more than happy to deal with large groups such as scout groups, or solo adventurers.


  • £30 Per Night (2 adults), £10 For Extra Persons
  • £50 For Two nights (2 adults), £5 For Extra Persons
  • Special Rates For Groups

For a special price of £75 per night (2 adults), £25 for extra persons you can enjoy the woodland to yourself. That means no other guests, just you and nature!

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