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5cm Shad Fishing Bait with Barbed Hook

5cm Shad Fishing Bait with Barbed Hook

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Introducing the ultimate angling upgrade – our Euro Slotted Soft Baits. Designed for professional display and meticulously crafted to enhance your fishing game, these soft baits are nothing short of extraordinary. Prepare for a fishing experience like never before as you unlock the remarkable combination of features that make these baits stand out.

With a fantastic action that's designed to entice fish of all kinds, these soft baits are more than just an angler's tool – they're a strategic advantage. Their shimmering holographic effect adds an irresistible visual allure, while the deadly swimming action closely mimics real prey. These baits are more than just attractive; they're practically irresistible to fish.

The shad baits come in assorted colours (chosen at random), all have been designed to maximize your chances of a catch. Measuring at a versatile 50mm, they strike the perfect balance between size and performance.

But that's not all. These soft baits are equipped with barbed hooks, strategically designed for secure hookups and fewer missed opportunities. Shaped like shad fish, they present a natural and enticing profile underwater.

And for added value, each packet contains 2 shads – double the chance for success. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, these shad soft baits are poised to become your secret weapon for reeling in impressive catches. Get ready to elevate your fishing game with every cast.

  • Pack of 2 Shad Lures
  • Barbed Hooks Attached
  • Colours Assorted (Randomly Chosen)
  • Size: 5cm
  • Euro Slotted
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