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Beach Braai Compact & Portable BBQ

Beach Braai Compact & Portable BBQ

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Heading to the beach for a barbecue? Then you need our ultimate Beach Braai! Made from mild steel this fantastic braai is both durable and functional. It's compact size makes this ideal for travelling with, so you are always ready to cook up a feast for family and friends.

The Beach Braai is super simple to assemble, with removeable legs and grill, you can have this up in under a minute. All you need to do is then add your coal (recommended fuel source) and you can get cooking away. The compact size is great for storing, putting in the back of a car, and just the right size to carry to your chosen spot to setup.

With a 58.5 x 35cm grid you have plenty of cooking space for all your food. The grid is electroplated using a non-toxic process, making it nice and easy to keep clean, regardless of how much you use it.

Whatsmore, investing in a barbecue like this is far better option than your standard disposable ones. You can reuse over and over without having to keep buying a barbecue to just throw away. Great for your pocket, and the environment.

Outdoor cooking has never been easier! This fantastic braai is perfect for trips to the beach, camping, fishing trips and so much more. Proudly made in South Africa these braais are an essential for your all your outdoor cooking needs.

  • Durable and functional mild steel construction
  • Compact size for easy traveling
  • Simple assembly in under a minute
  • Ample 58.5 x 35cm cooking space
  • Easy-to-clean electroplated non-toxic grid

Packaged Size: 65 x 37 x 9.5cm

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