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Cast Iron Jaffle Sandwich Maker with Handle

Cast Iron Jaffle Sandwich Maker with Handle

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Introducing the quintessential kitchen companion for all your toasty cravings, our Cast Iron Black Jaffle Maker! With it's black enamel coating, this jaffle maker boasts a 12cm round diameter, perfect for crafting delectable, perfectly sealed sandwiches. The long handle ensures ease of use, allowing you to cook over an open flame or gas hob with complete control and safety.

A jaffle, for those new to this culinary delight, is essentially a toasted sandwich with a twist. Originating from Australia and beloved in South Africa, the jaffle is made using a jaffle iron—also known as a pudgy pie iron or sandwich toaster. This nifty device features two hinged cast iron plates that clamp together, sealing the edges of your sandwich to create a warm, crispy, pie-like treat. Our jaffle maker pays homage to this iconic invention by Dr. Ernest E Smithers in 1949, offering a nod to the cultural heritage shared by Australians and South Africans alike.

Whether you're in the mood for a savory snack or a sweet treat, our Cast Iron Black Jaffle Maker is your go-to for a quick, delicious meal. Enjoy the smoky flavors of a traditional South African braai or the simple pleasure of a warm sandwich from the comfort of your home.

  • High Quality Jaffle Maker
  • Material Cast Iron
  • Black Enamel Coating
  • 12cm Round Diameter (5cm deep)
  • Complete with Handle
  • Suitable for Open Flame or Gas Hob

Product Dimensions: 43 x 12 x 5cm (l x w x h)

Product Weight: 900g

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