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Catfish 60mm PVA Mesh Refill Tub for Fishing - 20m

Catfish 60mm PVA Mesh Refill Tub for Fishing - 20m

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Our Catfish PVA Mesh Refill Tub, the ultimate solution for stringers and sticks! Designed to enhance your fishing experience, this refill tub provides fast and efficient bait delivery to entice those elusive catfish.

With a rapid dissolving time of 30-60 seconds, you can trust that your bait will disperse quickly and attract catfish from all depths and cold water temperatures. Whether you're fishing in deep lakes or chilly waters, this PVA mesh ensures a seamless bait release, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Proudly made in England, this product reflects our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Castaway guarantees that all our products, including this Catfish PVA Mesh Refill Tub, are 100% manufactured in England, adhering to strict standards for reliable performance.

The refill tub features a diameter of 60mm and a generous length of 20 meters, providing you with ample PVA mesh to keep your baiting game strong throughout your fishing trips.

Elevate your fishing tactics and experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Catfish PVA Mesh Refill Tub. Ensure your bait reaches its target swiftly and effortlessly, bringing you closer to that trophy-worthy catfish you've been waiting for. Trust in the quality and reliability of Castaway products to enhance your fishing adventures like never before!

  • Catfish PVA Mesh Refill Tub
  • Perfect for stringers and sticks
  • Fast dissolving (30-60sec)
  • Dissolves in all deep and cold water temperatures
  • Diameter: 60mm, Length: 20m
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