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Deep Basket Rotisserie with Battery Powered Motor

Deep Basket Rotisserie with Battery Powered Motor

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Unleash the potential of your outdoor cooking with this fantastic deep basket rotisserie, comprising of a sturdy frame, deep basket and a powerful motor, all working together to give you the best outdoor cooking experience.

Designed for utmost convenience, the easy-lock basket effortlessly holds food in place as it gracefully rotates over charcoal coals. You can adjust the basket heigh too, which makes holding a variety of different foods simple and easy. whether it's sizzling skewers or succulent cuts, this rotisserie is your ticket to mouthwatering perfection.

Despite its size, this deep basket rotisserie boasts the capability to fit two small, full chickens – a testament to its design ingenuity. Embrace the cooking over charcoal coals, infusing your dishes with the smoky essence that's irresistible when it comes to barbecuing. Thanks to the adjustable frame height you can also control the distance between your creation and the charcoal bed below.

Assembled at 68 x 38 x 18cm (Width x Depth x Height), including the motor, this robust rotisserie is ready to take center stage at your outdoor feasts. The spacious basket, measuring 38 x 15 x 10cm (Width x Depth x Height), ensures ample room for your culinary delights, while the compact boxed size of 46.5 x 15 x 11cm facilitates easy storage and transport.

Elevate your grilling prowess with the Deep Basket Rotisserie – a fusion of innovation and functionality that promises to redefine the way you approach outdoor cooking. Unleash your inner grillmaster and create unforgettable moments of flavor and delight with every rotation.

  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Plated Deep Basket
  • Size: 68 x 38 x 18cm (w x d x h)
  • For use over Charcoal
  • Compact & Portable
  • Perfect for Outdoor Cooking, Camping, Fishing & More!

boxed size: 46.5 x 15 x 11cm

boxed weight: 2.75kg

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