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Double Sided Fishing Lure Box with Handle

Double Sided Fishing Lure Box with Handle

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The WSB Tackle Double-Sided Lure Box is the ultimate storage solution for anglers seeking convenience and organization for their prized lures and plugs. Designed with both functionality and portability in mind, this tackle box redefines how you carry and protect your fishing gear.

Crafted with precision, this double-sided lure box boasts a cleverly engineered design that maximizes storage space whilst remaining compact. Measuring at a perfect 27 x 18cm, it strikes the ideal balance between accommodating your diverse collection of lures and remaining easily transportable.

Equipped with a sturdy carry handle, this lure box becomes your reliable fishing companion, ready to accompany you on your adventures to any fishing spot. The box also features double clip locks on both sides offer a secure closure mechanism, safeguarding your valuable contents from any accidental spills or jostles during transit.

Whether you're a seasoned angler with an extensive assortment of lures or a casual hobbyist looking to keep your gear organized, the WSB Tackle Double-Sided Lure Box is the solution you've been waiting for. Elevate your fishing game by investing in a storage solution that's as reliable and adventurous as you are. Get ready to hit the water with confidence, knowing your lures are perfectly organized and protected in this exceptional tackle box.

  • Double Sided Lure Storage Box
  • Secure Clip Locks
  • Handle for Easy Transporting
  • Box Size: 27 x 18 x 5cm
  • Perfect for Lures & Plugs
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