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Oval Casserole Dish for Oven / Outdoor Cooking

Oval Casserole Dish for Oven / Outdoor Cooking

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Available in two convenient sizes, our casserole pot comes in both medium and large capacities, providing you with options to suit your cooking needs. Small with a 2L capacity, medium size boasts a generous 4L capacity, while the large size offers an impressive 6L capacity, ensuring you can prepare meals for the whole family or gatherings with ease.

Equipped with sturdy handles on both the pot and lid, our casserole pot guarantees a secure grip, allowing you to handle it with confidence and ensuring safe transportation from the stove to the dining table. The handles also remain cool to the touch, providing an added layer of safety during cooking.

Versatility is at the core of our casserole pot's design. It is engineered to be used over warm coals, perfect for outdoor cooking adventures such as camping or barbecues. Additionally, this pot is oven-safe, enabling you to effortlessly transition from worktop to oven, expanding your culinary options and facilitating the creation of delectable dishes.

Enhancing both form and function, our casserole pot showcases a stylish enamel finish with a charming white speckled effect. This aesthetic appeal not only adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen but also ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, as the enamel finish resists stains and scratches.

  • Mild Steel construction with enamel finish
  • Three sizes: small (2L), medium (4L) & large (6L)
  • Sturdy handles on pot and lid
  • Can be used over coals and in the oven
  • Stylish white speckled enamel finish

2L Dimensions: 34cm(l) x 22.5cm(w) x 13cm(h) approx.

4L Dimensions: 39cm(l) x 27cm(w) x 16cm(h) approx.

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