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Expedition Foods - Hot Cereal with Mango

Expedition Foods - Hot Cereal with Mango

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Expedition Food Hot Cereal with Mango Pouch, a double serving of deliciousness and nourishment, packed with 1000 calories to keep you fueled during your outdoor expeditions.

Our Hot Cereal with Mango breakfast combines the goodness of oats, real mango, and milk powder to create a power-packed breakfast that will energize you as you conquer your greatest expeditions! Simply add hot water, give it a stir, and wait five minutes to enjoy a wholesome and satisfying meal.

Designed as emergency rations and food for outdoor activities, our Hot Cereal with Mango provides a long shelf life of up to 5 years, ensuring you have a reliable source of nourishment whenever you need it most. The convenient packaging is perfectly sized to fit in your backpack or among your camping gear.

Our Hot Cereal with Mango follows the principles of army-style rationing and emergency food, providing you with a filling and high-calorie meal to sustain your energy levels. This delightful blend of oats, real mango pieces, and milk powder offers a delicious and nutritious start to your day.

Experience the convenience and satisfaction of our Expedition Food Hot Cereal with Mango Pouch. Whether you're on an epic hike or camping in the wilderness, this nourishing meal is your go-to option. Enjoy the ease of preparation, the compact size for easy carrying, and the filling high-calorie content that will keep you energized throughout your outdoor pursuits.

  • Ultimate comfort food
  • Delicious hot cereal & mango recipe
  • Long shelf life of up to 5 years
  • Fits easily into backpack
  • Perfect for all adventures and emergencies

Ingredients - Milk, Single Cream (Milk), Oats (17%), Sugar, Mango (6.2%).

Allergen Information - Milk, Oats.

Preperation - Remove the oxygen absorber sachet*, add your water, stirring as you pour. Close the pouch, wait 5 minutes for the food to rehydrate. Note: Reyhdration taks long when using cold water.

*Oxygen absorber helps maintain product freshness and is non toxic. DO NOT EAT.

Shelf life - Up to 5 years

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