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Flat Tail Jelly Eel 17cm Fishing Lures Pack of 10

Flat Tail Jelly Eel 17cm Fishing Lures Pack of 10

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WSB Flat Tail Jelly Eel, a fantastic addition to your fishing gear. This pack of 10 lures comes in a striking Silver Glitter color that adds a realistic touch to attract a variety of fish species. The lures are 17cm long and feature a Flattail Jelly Eel design, making them versatile and effective in different water conditions.

The Silver Glitter finish not only looks great but also enhances visibility in the water, making these lures suitable for clear or murky waters. The lifelike swimming action of the 17cm Flattail Jelly Eel design mimics real prey, making it an excellent choice for attracting predatory fish.

When you purchase the WSB Flat Tail Jelly Eel pack, you get 10 high-quality lures in one go. This ensures you have enough supply for multiple fishing trips, giving you the convenience of a reliable and proven bait.

Crafted for durability, these lures are made from premium materials, guaranteeing a long lifespan. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, the WSB Flat Tail Jelly Eel 17cm Silver pack of 10 Fishing Lures is a must-have for your tackle box. Elevate your fishing experience, increase your chances of a successful catch, and enjoy countless adventures with these exceptional lures. Make the WSB Flat Tail Jelly Eel a staple in your gear, and get ready for more action on your next fishing outing!

  • Flat Tail Eel Lure
  • Size: 17cm
  • Colour Silver Glitter
  • Pack of 10
  • Must Have in Your Tackle Box
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