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H&N Baracuda 18 Air Rifle Pellets .22 Cal

H&N Baracuda 18 Air Rifle Pellets .22 Cal

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Are you in search of air rifle pellets that offers unmatched accuracy, exceptional effectiveness and a perfect balance of weight and caliber? Look no further! The H&N Baracuda 18 is the answer to your shooting needs. With a .22 caliber, this medium-weight, round head pellet is a game-changer in the world of airgun ammunition.

This bullet is designed to deliver superior performance, thanks to its tight tolerances in both weight and diameter. You can count on the Baracuda 18 to provide consistent results shot after shot.

With a chosen weight of 1.175 grams, the H&N Baracuda 18 bridges the gap between the renowned H&N Baracuda Match and the H&N Field Target Trophy, making it an ideal all-purpose pellet for a wide range of shooting applications. The 5.52 mm head size ensures a snug fit in your air rifle's barrel, enhancing your accuracy and shot placement.

Whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunter, or a target practice enthusiast, the H&N Baracuda 18 is engineered to exceed your expectations. Its consistent performance and versatility make it the bullet of choice for airgun enthusiasts around the world.

Get your hands on these high-quality air rifle bullets and experience the difference for yourself. Don't compromise on accuracy and performance – choose the H&N Baracuda 18 today!

  • Min. muzzle energy: 16 J
  • Max. Distance: 50 m
  • BC (ballistic coefficient): 0.029
  • 5.5mm / .22 cal
  • 200 pellets per tin

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