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H&N Excite Econ II 1.77 Cal Air Gun Pellets

H&N Excite Econ II 1.77 Cal Air Gun Pellets

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This innovative pellet is the evolved version of the popular Econ, boasting a brand new head design that takes its accuracy and precision to the next level. Designed for a variety of applications, from plinking to hobby shooting and compatibility with CO2 pistols, the Econ II meets all your basic requirements while offering a fantastic shooting experience at an incredibly favourable price.

The H&N Excite Econ II .177 cal pellet is your go-to choice for universal use. With a caliber of .177 and a lightweight 7.4-grain construction, it's engineered to deliver consistent results across various shooting scenarios. Whether you're fine-tuning your accuracy in plinking sessions, engaging in leisurely hobby shooting, or seeking an affordable yet reliable option for your CO2 pistol, the Econ II has you covered. Its versatility makes it a must-have for both novice and experienced shooters.

Despite its lightweight build, the Econ II is far from a slouch when it comes to performance. It offers a minimum muzzle energy of 2.5 ft-lbs, providing ample power for short-range shooting activities. The maximum effective distance of 10 meters ensures that you can confidently take your shots at close-range targets with precision and consistency.

Each tin of H&N Excite Econ II pellets contains a generous 500 pieces, guaranteeing that you have a sufficient supply to fuel your shooting sessions. This exceptional pellet ensures a smooth and reliable feed into your airgun, further enhancing your shooting experience.

This versatile pellet ensures that you can enjoy an engaging and accurate shooting experience without breaking the bank. Elevate your shooting game with the H&N Excite Econ II - accuracy, reliability, and affordability, all in one pellet. Get yours today!

  • Calibre: .177 Cal.
  • Weight: 7.4gr
  • Min. Muzzle Energy: 2.5 ft.lbs
  • Max. Distance: 10m
  • Perfect for Plinking / Hobby Shooting

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