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Three Legged Cast Iron Cooking Pot / Potjie

Three Legged Cast Iron Cooking Pot / Potjie

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Introducing our authentic South African Cast Iron Cook Pots, also known as Potjie! Crafted with care in South Africa, these cook pots are the epitome of durability and versatility. Whether you're cooking over an open fire or using a gas stove, our cast iron cook pots are designed to meet your culinary needs.

Available in three sizes, our 1/4 Potjie offers a compact 700ml capacity, the size 1 provides a 3L capacity, while our size 3 Potjie boasts a generous 7.8L capacity. No matter the size you choose, either option feature the same outstanding quality and functionality.

Constructed from premium cast iron, these cook pots guarantee exceptional heat retention and distribution, ensuring your dishes are cooked to perfection every time. The three-legged design adds stability, allowing you to place the potjie directly over hot coals or a gas flame without worrying about balance.

One of the standout features of our cast iron cook pots is their ability to create mouthwatering stews and sauces. The cast iron material absorbs and radiates heat evenly, resulting in slow and consistent cooking that brings out the rich flavors in your recipes. From hearty stews simmering with tender meats and vegetables to luscious sauces bursting with flavour, our cook pots guarantee a culinary experience like no other.

Transporting your culinary masterpiece is a breeze with the sturdy handle, allowing you to move the potjie effortlessly from the fire to the table. Whether you're embarking on a camping adventure or hosting a backyard gathering, our cast iron cook pots are sure to be your go to cooking choice.

  • Three Sizes to Choose From
    • 1/4 Pot (700ml)
    • 1 Pot (3L)
    • 3 Pot (7.8L)
  • Durable Cast Iron
  • 3 Legged Pot for Stability
  • Use Over Open Fire or Gas
  • Perfect for Camping & Outdoor Cooking
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