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WSBGR8 Fishing Reel 130 Preloaded with Line

WSBGR8 Fishing Reel 130 Preloaded with Line

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Are you an avid angler in search of high-quality reels that can stand up to the demands of both coarse and sea angling? Look no further than the WSB Tackle GR8 130 Reels – a remarkable addition to your fishing gear collection.

Designed with precision and innovation in mind, the WSB Tackle GR8 130 Reels offer an array of features that make them a superior choice for anglers of all skill levels. Here's a closer look at what sets these reels apart from the rest.

The WSB Tackle GR8 130 Reels are equipped with a sensitive rear drag system. This feature ensures that you have precise control over the amount of tension applied to the fish when it bites. With the sensitive rear drag, you can enjoy a smooth and seamless angling experience, preventing the line from snapping due to sudden fish movements.

Say goodbye to frustrating line tangles and twists with the anti-twist roller feature. The inclusion of this component ensures that your fishing line remains free from unwanted entanglements. No more worrying about snarled lines interfering with your catch.

The incorporation of a high-quality ball bearing within the WSB Tackle GR8 130 Reels guarantees smooth and efficient operation. The ball bearing reduces friction and provides the necessary support for a fluid retrieval process. Whether you're reeling in a small catch or a larger trophy fish, the ball bearing makes it effortless and efficient.

Convenience is key when you're out on the water, and these reels deliver just that with their push button release spool. This innovative design allows for quick and hassle-free line changes, so you can adapt to different fishing conditions without missing a beat. Simply press the button, and the spool is ready for reloading.

The WSB Tackle GR8 130 Reels come pre-loaded with 165 yards of 10lb monofilament line. This ensures that you're prepared to hit the water right away, without the need to purchase and load line separately. The monofilament line is a versatile choice for various fishing scenarios, making these reels a convenient and cost-effective option for anglers.

In summary, the WSB Tackle GR8 130 Reels are the ideal choice for both coarse and sea angling, offering a comprehensive package of features to enhance your angling experience. From the sensitive rear drag and anti-twist roller to the ball bearing and push button release spool, these reels have been designed with the angler's needs in mind. Plus, the inclusion of pre-loaded monofilament line ensures that you're ready to cast your line as soon as you hit the water. Upgrade your fishing gear with the WSB Tackle GR8 130 Reels and enjoy a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable angling experience.

  • Sensitive Rear Drag
  • Anti-Twist Line
  • Quick Release Spool
  • 1 Ball Bearing
  • Pre Filled with Mono
  • Suitable for Coarse & Sea Angling

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