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Zebco Wide Mesh Telescopic Landing Net for Fishing

Zebco Wide Mesh Telescopic Landing Net for Fishing

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Designed with the avid angler in mind, this landing net is your go-to tool for securing your prized catch while enjoying serene moments by the river. Its impressive features make it a must-have addition to your fishing gear collection.

Crafted especially for river fishing, the Zebco Wide Mesh Landing Net boasts a generous mesh size of 8mm. Say goodbye to struggling with your catch – this net ensures a smooth and hassle-free landing every time.

Equipped with a robust octagonal-profile aluminium handle, this landing net offers exceptional strength and durability. Feel the confidence in your grip with the comfortable rubber handle and convenient belt clip, ensuring you're always in control. The strong aluminium frame, measuring 6mm in diameter, incorporates a dependable folding mechanism. Swiftly fold and unfold your net with ease, making it effortlessly portable and storage-friendly.

Adapt to any fishing scenario with the versatile two-piece handle that can be locked at any desired length. From a compact 80cm for convenient handling to a full 2m for those hard-to-reach spots, this net adjusts to your preferences. Thanks to its fast-drying design, you'll also spend less time waiting around and more time doing what you love – fishing! No more damp nets slowing you down.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a weekend fishing enthusiast, the Zebco Wide Mesh Telescopic Landing Net ensures you never miss a catch. Its impressive mesh size, sturdy construction, and adjustable handle make it a true game-changer for your fishing expeditions.

  • 2m Extendable Fishing Net
  • Helps Lands Your Succesful Catch
  • Secure Locking Net to Handle
  • Strong 6mm Alumminium Frame
  • 8mm Mesh
  • Great for river, coarse and game fishing.
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