.22 Pellet & Air Rifle Commonly Asked Questions

.22 Commonly Asked questions guide and faq

As the popularity of air rifles continues to rise, particularly in the UK, many enthusiasts and beginners alike find themselves immersed in the world of .22 calibre air rifles and pellets. In this comprehensive guide, we aim to address some frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your shooting experience.

1. Do you need a Licence for a .22 Pellet Rifle in the UK?

In the UK, owning a .22 calibre air rifle does not require a firearm or shotgun license. However, there are some regulations you must be aware of. Individuals aged 18 and above can purchase and use air rifles that are below 12 ft/lbs of power. It's crucial to follow safety guidelines and use your air rifle responsibly.

For air rifles with power greater than 12ft/lbs you will need a licence which you can apply for by clicking here.

2. What Are the Best Pellets for a .22 Air Rifle?

Selecting the right pellets can significantly impact your shooting accuracy and overall performance. The best pellets for a .22 air rifle often depend on personal preference and the specific requirements of your shooting activity. Popular choices include hollow point pellets for hunting and domed pellets for general target shooting.

Our recommendation are the H&N Barcuda 18 .22 Cal Pellets.

.22 Air Rifle Target Shooting

3. How Far Will a .22 Pellet Travel?

The distance a .22 pellet can travel is influenced by various factors, including the rifle's power, pellet weight, and environmental conditions. On average, a .22 pellet can travel up to 400 yards, but for both safety and accuracy, it's recommended to keep your shooting within a reasonable and controlled range. Most .22 rifle users will be shooting at 45 to 50 yards with fantastic accuracy.

4. Are .22 Calibre Air Rifles Lethal?

The short answer is, Yes. While .22 calibre air rifles can be powerful, they are generally not considered lethal when used within legal limits. However, it is essential to treat any air rifle with respect and adhere to safety guidelines. Always be aware of your surroundings and use appropriate ammunition for your intended purpose.

5. Can You Use .177 Pellets in a .22 Air Rifle?

It is not advisable to use .177 pellets in a .22 air rifle. Pellet calibres must match the specifications of your air rifle. Using the wrong calibre can lead to poor accuracy, damage to the rifle, and even safety hazards. Always use the recommended pellet size for your specific air rifle.

.22 air rifle pellets

6. Is .22 or .177 Better for Hunting?

The choice between .22 and .177 for hunting depends on your specific requirements. .22 pellets are generally preferred for hunting due to their larger size and greater kinetic energy, which can provide more stopping power. However, .177 pellets offer higher velocity and flatter trajectories, making them suitable for certain hunting scenarios and target shooting.

Owning and using a .22 calibre air rifle in the UK can be a rewarding experience, provided you are informed and adhere to legal and safety guidelines. By understanding the nuances of pellet selection, safety practices, and maintenance, you can enhance your shooting skills and enjoy this popular hobby responsibly. Always prioritize safety, respect for others, and compliance with local regulations to ensure a positive and fulfilling air rifle experience.

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