Grilling Green: Sustainable Alternatives to Disposable Barbecues

Grilling Green: Alternative to Disposable BBQ

As the sun shines, the scent of barbecues wafts through parks, beaches, and campsites across the UK. However, the environmental impact of disposable barbecues, coupled with their limited burn time, has prompted a re-evaluation of our grilling habits. In this blog post, we'll explore the drawbacks of disposable barbecues, the repercussions on the environment and present eco-friendly alternatives, including some innovative products for a greener grilling experience.

The Downsides of Disposable Barbecues:

  • Low Burning Time: Disposable barbecues are notorious for their short burn time. Often, just as the coals reach an optimal temperature, the flames fizzle out, leaving frustrated grillers with half-cooked meals.
  • Environmental Effects: The convenience of disposable barbecues comes at a cost to the environment. The materials used, including aluminium and single-use plastics, contribute to landfill waste and may take years to decompose. The impact on ecosystems is a growing concern.
  • Public Area Restrictions: Several public areas, including many of London's parks, have recognized the environmental impact and fire hazards associated with disposable barbecues. Consequently, bans have been implemented to preserve the natural beauty and safety of these spaces.

Disposable bbq alternatives

Reusable Alternatives for Sustainable Grilling:

    • Portable Grills: Investing in a portable, reusable grill is a game-changer. Products like our traveller braai offer a durable and eco-friendly solution. Constructed from sustainable materials, these grills provide a longer burning time and eliminate the need for single-use alternatives.
    • Eco-Friendly Charcoal: Opt for eco-friendly charcoal made from sustainably sourced wood or coconut shells. These alternatives burn longer and produce fewer emissions, minimizing the environmental impact while enhancing your grilling experience.
    • Electric Grills: For those who prefer urban grilling in public spaces, electric grills offer a clean and efficient solution. With no emissions and minimal environmental impact, they are often welcomed in areas where traditional barbecues are restricted.

As we gather with friends and family for outdoor grilling, it's crucial to consider the environmental repercussions of our choices. Disposable barbecues, with their short burn time and adverse effects, are facing scrutiny. Embracing reusable alternatives, such as the camper braai, ensures a sustainable and enjoyable grilling experience.

Let's ignite change and grill green for a cleaner, greener future. 

For more information on fire safety outdoors, please check out the UK government website by clicking here.

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I fully agree, the disposable ones are terrible and a few supermarkets stopped selling them lately as well! Do you know if there are any public area restrictions / bans on the barbeques you are suggesting seeing as the disposable ones have caused such a problem? Thank you!


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