Outdoor Cooking with Kids: Braai & Barbecue Fun

Braai, or barbecue, isn't just about delicious food; it's a fantastic way to bond with family, especially kids. However, safety is paramount when involving children in braai activities. This blog will guide you through fun and safe ways to include your little ones in your next braai session.

Safety First

Before starting, ensure all equipment is clean and secure. Keep a safe zone around the braai to prevent accidental burns. Always have an adult supervising when children are involved.

Kids washing their hands ready to cook

Educational Moments

Braai offers great learning opportunities. Teach kids about fire safety, cooking basics, and the importance of cleanliness in food preparation. Simple tasks like washing vegetables or setting the table can be both educational and fun.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

Choose simple, kid-friendly recipes. Kebabs are great because they're easy to assemble, and kids can pick their favourite ingredients. Grilled fruit, like bananas or pineapples, can be a sweet treat that's also fun to prepare.

Interactive Cooking

Let kids be involved in safe parts of the cooking process under supervision. Tasks like brushing marinade on veggies or turning skewers (with appropriate, long-handled tools such as these tongs) can be exciting for them.

Kids Cooking and Having Fun

Braai Games

Incorporate simple games like a blindfold taste test to guess the ingredients. Simple games like this can keep them interested whilst they learn. Cooking has to be associated with a fun time, the more fun they have, the more they will want to cook again!

Get them their own Braai

A fun way to get children involved with cooking is lettering them cook alongside you. That is why we stock our very own kids braai that comes complete with accessories such as tongs and a cleaning brush, so they can be involved in the whole cooking and cleaning process! Get yours here.

Including children in braai activities can be a delightful experience that teaches them valuable skills and nurtures family bonds. With safety as a priority, these moments become cherished memories for both parents and kids.

Remember, the goal is to instil a love for cooking and outdoor activities while ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

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